Preview Below are shown in use of Muray House Fonts with the extra Bonus !

Muray House - A Bold Hand-drawn Serif with Alternate Characters And Extra Bonus

Muray House is a Bold serif fonts with a solid looks, balanced, and also beautiful curves in an alternate characters. A style that we choose as a Natural looks of the Hand-Drawn made Muray House as a unique identity of this fonts. Muray House also comes with alternative characters that carefully created for adding a minimalist decor of the letters. and it looks right on every character's we've made.

Stylistic alternates allows versatile design options and works perfectly for Headlines, Posters, Logos Packaging, Branding, T-shirts, Greetings, Persentation and much more.
Background bonus. We've made A watercolor, and an abstract element that fits with the Font itself. Pre-made creation, you can put any of the text inside of them. Since it's PSD files, you can also edit the color and the layout.

What's Inside :
• Muray House.OTF
• 10 Abstract Template Square for Instagram. (psd files) Only Available on Creative Market

Download Here :

Creative Market | Myfonts

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