Bilcase font family is layered condensed font family come from vintage logo, labels, packages, and signage. this collection of styles with 5 layer and vintage scrolls, panels, and ornament possible to combination and option to create label designs, headlines, logotypes, signage, posters, greeting cards, letterhead, t-shirt and many more application.

This font family is available in 2 style.
Bilcase fonts are layered font with contextual, stylistic alternate and ligature, you will get special capital letters when you activate the contextual alternate feature.
Bilcase extras is the expanded version of the main font, in which there are Panels, Ribbon, and Ornament, you can access the ornament by activating the ligature feature in the extras bilcase. by typing the letter "p" for the panel, "r" for the ribbon and "o" for the ornament. activate the ligature feature and add numbers in each code. Example: "p1 p2 p11 r2 o2". Complete information contained in the pdf file.

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