Inspired from our last product Genty, that's the most loved fonts in previous years back. We're introducing Cardin, A Big, Bold, Juicy script paired with bold serif.

A captivating duo that effortlessly combines the bold playfulness of script with the timeless elegance of serif. With two distinct styles, this font set offers the perfect blend of contemporary trends and a touch of vintage allure, resulting in a harmonious balance that is both visually striking and versatile.

The main style of Cardin is a bold script font that exudes a sense of fun, trendiness, and cuteness. Its confident strokes and dynamic curves infuse your designs with an undeniable beauty that catches the eye. With a subtle vintage touch, Cardin script adds a nostalgic charm while maintaining a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Cardin script goes beyond its visually appealing characteristics and includes an array of special features to enhance your typographic experience. Ligatures create seamless connections between letter combinations, ensuring smooth and fluid transitions that bring an added level of sophistication to your text. Contextual alternates intelligently adjust letterforms based on their surrounding characters, resulting in a natural and flowing composition. The stylistic sets provide a plethora of alternate glyphs, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect stylistic nuances to match your creative vision.

Complementing the main script style, Cardin Fonts offer a bold serif counterpart that acts as a perfect pairing. The serif style adds a touch of timeless elegance and stability to your designs, creating a sense of classic sophistication. Its strong presence and refined details bring balance to the overall composition, seamlessly integrating with the script font.

The serif style of Cardin Fonts also features ligatures for seamless connections, maintaining a cohesive and harmonious appearance throughout your typography. Additionally, the inclusion of tabular figures ensures consistent spacing, making it an ideal choice for projects that require precise alignment, such as tables and charts. Together, Cardin Fonts form a beautiful duo that effortlessly combines the playful energy of the script with the timeless appeal of serif. The result is a perfect harmony that elevates your designs to new heights, making them stand out with their captivating aesthetics.

Whether you're designing logos, branding materials, invitations, or any other creative project, Cardin Fonts provide the ideal combination of script and serif to bring your vision to life. Embrace the perfect balance of contemporary boldness and vintage charm with Cardin.

View the Specimen Here : S P E C I M E N

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