Esteric, originally created with a concept of happiness, fun and playful. Designed initially as an all-caps font. A lowercase are just a slight lower than an Capital. Also, Esteric Are created with some of the opentype features, such as stylistic alternates, interlock, and tons of ligatures. It’s a Joy and Playful guaranteed !

Best Scene for using Esteric such as Party, Happy Event, fun project. any media are suitable based on the concept. Check our creation using Esteric Below !

Posters Above & Social Media Uses Below.

Works with Moody Tone on Menu & Abstract illustration

Also Works with Vibrant, Bright  and Vivid Colors.

Please note that OpenType features are only available in programs that support them, such as Illustrator, Indesign, Quark or Photoshop.

Available On : 

Thank You!

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