Ephemera Kingsford
A new vintage display typeface by Ilham Herry. Started from the passion of collecting the old tin packaging with classic labels on it, the layout and composition make Ilham pretty inspired and the urge of crafting the letters is getting bigger since that day.
That's what comes first as a motivation in making this Ephemera Kingsford typeface.Adapted and referencing from the real physical collectible old tins and cans to a single pack of digital fonts asset.

Packed up with 9 layered fonts, 1 font as a pair, and of course ornaments and vintage panels as a vector file.Perfectly fit for display printing, handcrafted product, screen printing industry such as apparel, packaging, labels, and also sign painting, scrapbook, glass gilding, et cetera.Not every visual can go vintage but if you want to, there's no other choice, oldsport.
check Ephemera Kingsford type specimen here.



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