Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How to download free fonts on this website?

A.To download a free product ($ 0.00), select add to chart and checkout as usual, no payment method on the product at $ 0.00 after checkout. you will be directed to your downloaded file

Q. How will I receive a purchased product?

A. There are 2 ways to find your product download link:

  • First, after you successfully Checkout, on Thank you page will be shown button to download the font.
  • You will get 2 emails after successful checkout, you will get Order Confirmation Email first, and a few minutes later email you will get email with download link to font that you have bought.

Q. What type of license does this store have?

A.There are 2 kinds of licenses provided in this store:

  • Commercial License: You can use a the font for any commercial purpose or any profit context, creating visual content for branding, logos, posters, book covers, t-shirt design, packaging and product for sale up to 500 sales.
  • Extended license: This license covers the terms you can do in Comercial licenses and you can create Product for Sale with Unlimited Sales, embed fonts for apps and ebooks.

Q. How can i purchase the Extended License?

A. Contact me at contact form with subject "Request Extended License for (product name)"

Q. How many users should I choose?

A.The number of users determines the number of devices that can be installed fonts, for example: if you are a freelance graphic designer who works independently, you only need to choose 1-5 users.

Q. Can I embed this font on my website?

A.Yes, you can use fonts in web pages. allowed to use CSS @ font-face in one domain name only. If you want to embed more than one domain font. You are required to purchase an extended license

Q. Can I use fonts for products for sale?

A.Yes, you can create a physical or digital product with this font up to 500 sales. When more than 500 sales, you are required to purchase Extended licenses.

Q . Can I resell your font?

A. If you want to sell Ilham Herry fonts, you can contact me to get a way to sell Ilham Herry fonts.

Q. I am using a font for a client project. Is it allowed to give the font files to my clients?

A. No, you are not allowed to share font files to your clients, if your client needs font files, encourage them to purchase or download fonts on this store.

Q. I use fonts to create printable product templates (poster, business card, logo, etc), am I allowed to provide fonts in my template files?

A. No. You are not allowed to provide font files in your template files, however, you can rasterize or convert text into graphical objects from the fonts to create designs that are displayed in all medium, as long as you don't include each invidual characters of font.

Q. Can I share a font files that I download to a friend, or distribute via download on a blog?

A. No. You are not allowed to share files you download to your friends or make available fonts for download on your site, you are requared to share Ilham Herry's website to download or purchase the font.

Q. How the pricing methods for multiple users?

A.The price for one font style between $ 15 - $ 20, and for one complete family depending on the number of font styles in one font family. For multiple user pricing can be seen in the table below

 Number of Users  Price ( x Base Price)
1-5 Users  1x 
6-10 Users 1.5x 
11-20 Users 2x


Still have a questions?

feel free to contact me